Our suppliers

Currently, LLP “Koktem” is the official dealer of the following major manufacturers:

JSC “Neva Cosmetics”, Saint Petersburg. His most recognizable brands are washing powder Eared Nanny“, “Normal“, “Sarma“, “Vorsinka”; soap Eared nanny“, “Sarma“, “Tar“, “Neva“, “Wonderful garden“, “Flowers of love“, “Bath” and others.

logoHAYAT Kimya Sanayi A.S., HAYAT Kimya Sanayi AS, Turkish largest company that specializes in the production of hygiene products (trademark Joly, Evony, Molped), household chemicals (brand Bingo), products for child care (diapers and baby wipes (Molfix ), paper products (Papia, Familia).

logoJSC “ArnestNevinnomysk – the leader of the aerosol business in Russia. It produces more than 300 kinds of products in the following groups: products for hair care (varnishes beauty”, mousses, shampoos, conditioners), children’s cosmetics, cleaners and detergents, fabric care (conditioners, antistatic agents), air fresheners series “Symphony , cosmetics, insecticides and repellents;

pravka_logo_4JSC “Stupino chemical plant, Moscow region, Stupino, a manufacturer of a wide range of synthetic detergents. The main brands – «Sanita», «Sanfor», »Mr. Crack“, “Chistin“, “5+”.

gsk-logoGlaxoSmithKline Consumer Helsker Sp.Zo.o., Poland – high-quality preventive and curative toothpaste, toothbrushes and means for oral care for adults and children TM “Akvafresh” TM «Parodontax», TM «Sensodyne».

logoLLP “Bumfa Group” of Novocherkessk. Russia’s largest producer of paper and nonwovens for sanitary purposes. The main brands – Premial and Amra (paper handkerchiefs, paper towels, wet wipes, household goods, napkins Car Care).

logosmLtd. “Slobozhanskiy mylovarKharkiv. Soap factory, which produces more than 30 kinds of soap TM “Chic“, “Seventh Heaven” soap TM “Friend”;

logo  Belkosmex Minsk. Combining the newest achievements in the field of cosmetology with traditional, time-tested folk recipes, Belkosmex produces the cosmetics which satisfy the demands even of the most exigent representatives of the fair sex.