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Company “Neva Cosmetics

“Neva Cosmeticstoday is one of the top three manufacturers of cosmetics in the Russian market. In 2009 theun_5_pachek company celebrated its 170 years. In stock – more than 50 types of cosmetic products are manufactured on the basis of a variety of natural ingredients. New products are constantly in the development in order to remain one of the leading manufacturers in the rapidly evolving field of cosmetics and personal care. Many trends are born thanks to feedback and requests of customers, which are traded on a “hot” telephone line Neva Cosmetics” (tel .: 8 800 200 20 40). Such reviews help the company’s specialists to learn something for which products of the plant are so fond of the Russians – namely, for the high quality, true to the tradition and an affordable price. The company is constantly conducting research, using newly discovered ingredients, improves product quality and appearance. The firm has a name, scientific potential, active and talented staff and a great desire

If you ask buyers of cosmetic products, which products are Neva Cosmeticsthey are most familiar with,sarma-all someone will call a series of “Rosa”, many will remember the soap “Sun”, “Flowers of Love”, “Wonderful garden.” Women praise creams traditional series, young parents say that children’s use of cosmetics series Tip-Top“, “Baby“, “Eared nannies.” Many follow the cleanliness and order in the house using the gels and powders Sarma, «Normal powder“, “Mr. Chister” and many others. And the whole country knows popular toothpaste “New Pearl” – with all of its many varieties. According to studies, this pasta ahead in terms of sales widely advertised imported brands.11886_s2
Modern “Neva Cosmeticshas production areas in three cities: St.-Petersburg, Angarsk (Irkutsk region) and Vinnitsa (Ukraine) and sells its products in Russia and CIS countries. The company’s success is due to the fact that the company produces not only quality products, but also accessible to all segments of the population, proven over the years.

Constant change, improvement of production technologies, work on the creation of new products that consumers do not have enough quality and affordableimg161 Russian cosmetics and household products aimed at improving the working conditions of staff, self-development – these are the principles with which the company has met its anniversary and which continues to go forward – to new anniversaries and new achievements and awards.

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