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Slobozhanskiy mylovar– a dynamic company that manufactures and markets in Ukraine and CIS countries, toilet, vanity, and baby soap and soap with improved dermatological properties (cream soap). The company’s products are well known by the trademark Shic“, “Seventh Heaven“, “Uti-Puti”, “Friend», «Poshe», “Ode” – more than 90 names.
060Slobozhanskiy mylovartoday:
a wide range of products in different price segments;
creative-bureau for the design of new products;
laboratory for the development and introduction of new products;
developed distribution network in Ukraine and CIS countries;
contract manufacturing (development and production (Privat label).
Production of such a vast range of products is carried out thanks to the latest technology and modern equipment from Sweden, Italy and Germany. Pledge of the company’s reliability and success -a qualified staff. The company’s specialists are regular participants of international conferences and seminars held by the largest manufacturers of raw materials for the production of soap.
All products of “Slobozhanskiy mylovar” is made from natural raw materials of vegetable origin, and used perfumes come by well-known companies from France, Switzerland, the Netherlands. The structure of most types of soap with natural oils and extracts, a balanced combination of vitamins and other components, softening the skin and protect it from the effects of hard water, wind and UV rays.
Work on the new product begins with a comprehensive analysis of the market. All services of the company are utilized in the creation of a new product, the integrity and value of which is determined by седьмое небоa combination of design, internal content, consumer characteristics, quality and concept. For the modern buyer is important that the purchased goods have not only good design and packaging, but also had a noticeable effect. High quality products and its efficiency is achieved by a combination of high-quality raw materials base and modern technologies.
Quality and safety of the finished product confirmed by tests and certificates Ukrainian (UKRESPRO) and Russian (RST) quality systems. In 2007, the company has been certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008. During its time on the market (since 1999), the company acquired loyal customers and fans of their products, at the end of 2010, the company holds a leading position among the manufacturers of soap in Ukraine.
In an era of economic crisis, the company didn’t reduce production volumes, but also prepared for its customers two new product lines under the brand names «Poshe» and “Odeto satisfy customers in the segments of low and medium price range.
Current production is represented in all regions of Ukraine, about 30 regions of Russia, all CIS countries, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe and has positive feedback from partners in these countries.
High quality, reasonable price in a crisis – the main components of the success of our products.

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